Organic Farm & Herbal garden

Organic Farm & Herbal garden

Journey of mankind from a primate to anevolved man has been a revelation. The highly evolved and intelligent mankind is fully dependent on machinery and chemicals. This has put Earth, Water & Wind in spot of bother as everything is poisoned each and every minute. The careless behavior of mankind has made him a great nemesis of nature. Mankind doesn’t even know that they are poisoning themselves, which is further leading to progressive deterioration of quality and quantity of life. Chithrakoota in its natural habitat is into cultivation of Ayurvedic Herbs & Ayurvedic Plants. Along with this we are also into organic farming to grow chemical free fruits and vegetables. Chithrakoota is making its best efforts to preserve the nature’s best with their Organic Farm & Herbal Garden.

Chithrakoota Organic Farm

Though Chithrakoota is a medical organization, it has its base in agriculture and farming. Ayurveda is all about herbs and food. Cultivation of food grains and medicinal herbs in a natural habitat and in a natural way without using chemical laden fertilizers constitute the famous global concept of today’s food industry known as “Organic Farming”. The products coming out of “Organic Farm” are free of toxins, human friendly and ready to consume.

A.M.Bayari – the driving force behind Chithrakoota Organic Farming

Mr. A.M. Bayari, recognized as one of the best agriculturists in our state, having been felicitated many a times for his achievements in this field is truly the son of the soil and conservationist of mother nature. He has been practicing and preaching organic farming since many years, even before the origin of Chithrakoota. He has constantly kept pace with agricultural evolutions and has been implementing newer techniques and skills in effective farming, well supported by his wife Smt. Kalavathi.

The achievements and hard work of Mr. A.M. Bayari did a magical spell on his son Dr. Rajesh Bayari, though a doctor by profession, he did not forget his roots. Dr. Rajesh Bayari & Dr. Anulekha Bayari worked extensively with Mr. A.M. Bayari, to blend the best essences of Ayurveda, Nature & Agriculture to serve the people with naturally available Ayurvedic Herbs & Plants, this resulted in what we know today as “Chithrakoota”. Chithrakoota is a destination of Natural Health & Wellbeing. The 17 acres of fertile land serve as a base for Organic Farm & Herbal Garden. At Chithrakoota we grow many grains, fruits, vegetables & medicinal herbs through Organic Farming. Few to name among them are : Banana, Pepper, Spinach, Coco, Brinjal, Papaya, Mango, Sapota, Paddy (Rice), Coconuts etc.,

Amalaki Vana

In the RasayanPrakarana (Chapters explaining many formulations for rejuvenation and longevity) of CharakaSamhita, the earliest treatise on Ayurveda tells that: “Staying and leading a simple and humble life in a garden of Amalaki(Indian Gooseberry) and being on a milk diet for about a year and also eating stomach full of Amalaki’s at the end of the year by plucking them with his/her own hands, this will not only rejuvenate an individual but also delay ageing, this will make him/her enhance life span by many folds, wherein he/she can lead a disease free life. With due respect to the reference, Chithrakoota has initiated a humble step in creating a unique garden of Gooseberries to enable interested people to stay therein as explained in Ayurveda. In an era where the quality and quantity of life has been constantly deteriorating due to in disciplined food and a haphazard life style, a stay at Amalaki Vana can better our lives and enable us to enjoy good health. The saplings have been planted and it may take a few years for the project to take shape.

Chithrakoota Herb Garden

The natural flora forming the green carpet around Chithrakoota looks just like a magnificent landscape for a common man, but deeply it is more than that. Its core is made up of valuable Ayurvedic herbs & plants. They are grown and nurtured with utmost love and care. Just a touch of breeze passing through these plants can have a healing touch. These plants are used for manufacturing a wide range of Ayurvedic medicines at Chithrakoota pharmacy. Chithrakoota is “Heart of Ayurveda” and the Herb Garden forms the "Heart of Chithrakoota".

Plants and trees of medicinal importance like Ashwagandha, Ashoka, Bhringaraja, Shatavari, Chitraka, Devadaru, Haridra, Akarakarabha, Kapikacchu, Sarpagandha, Lodhra, Manjishta, Chandana, Nimba, Nyagrodha, Bilwa, Agnimantha, Saptaparna, Shaliparni, Shallaki, Tagara, Udumbara, Vacha, Shigru etc., are a few to name. Some rare species of plants also find their place in the garden. The garden not only gives access for the visitors, but also has encouraged many students from Ayurveda and Botany to come over to Chithrakoota to study the plants and their medicinal properties. Many students visit Chithrakoota as a part of tour, curriculum & research projects. Organic manure is used to cultivate these plants.

Chithrakoota is a paradise isolated from urban rushes, calmly placed in the soothing lap of Mother Nature, as beautiful as a decorated bride.

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