Tennis Elbow is a state wherein there is tenderness, pain, and irritation of the tendons that are present in the exterior portion of the elbow joint at the area where they get infused to the bone, resulting in relentless joint pain. This condition has acquired its name due to the fact that it is most commonly seen in people involved in racquet sports like tennis, badminton, etc. However, it is not only people who play tennis who get it. Other physically exhausting activities which put the muscles of extension of the elbow (Stretching the elbow) under a lot of weight and stress also contribute to the indication of this condition. Tennis elbow is also called as “Lateral Epicondylitis”.
Causes Of Tennis Elbow
  • Injury and wearing away of the muscles of the forearm due to overstress and overuse are the primary reasons for causing this condition
  • It is observed in people involved in racquet sport activities and other physically exhausting activities with the hand
  • It is usually observed in the arm which is principally used for illustration if a tennis player plays with his/her right arm is more vulnerable for developing this condition
Symptoms Of Tennis Elbow
  • Inflation in the lateral side of the elbow (an exterior portion of the elbow)
  • Inefficiency to perform certain motor functions with the forearm
  • Pain while operating activities where the forearm is stretched
  • Pain on touch on the exterior area of the elbow
  • Pain aggravates when the wrist is stabilized or moved with force. Ex. lifting, using tools, opening jars, or even performing simple activities such as toothbrushing or cutting using a knife
Ayurvedic Treatment Of Tennis Elbow
Treatment of Tennis Elbow is anticipated at reducing the local inflammation, pain relieving and bringing back normal functioning of the concerned area of the elbow region.
The approach to the treatment of Tennis elbow in Ayurveda involves implications and administrations of ayurvedic medicines which are anti-inflammatory and those that aid in healing the ruptures in the ligaments and tendons. Exercising the use and application of medicated oils to the region, with soft massage and Pichu (bandage with the medicated oils) is also prescribed in the primary stages. This provides comfort and relief in maximum cases. However, if the pain endures, Ayurvedic therapies that aid to relieve inflammation like Podikkizhi (Herbal powder massage), Ilakkizhi (Massage with Herbal leaves), Tailadhara (Pouring of medicated oils) are administered.
Ayurvedic Treatment for Tennis elbow at Chithrakoota Ayurveda
We offer very effective treatment for Tennis elbow. The treatment of Tennis elbow at our place, compromises administration of dominion Ayurvedic medicines that we have specially developed for inflammation and for healing the tissues. We also have medicated oils that are very efficient in providing relief from pain and swelling in joints. In cases where the problem is severe, we also offer all the classic Ayurvedic therapies quoted above to aid and obtain maximum relief.
Why Chithrakoota
  • Our  Ayurveda treatment provides a very powerful and compelling solution
  • We use proprietary methods and protocols developed with years of experience
  • The Ayurveda treatment mitigates the need for powerful drugs
  •  Enhances the quality of life
  • The Ayurveda treatment  we practice is time-tested, safe and useful
  • The Ayurveda treatment is innate and holistic
Ayurveda considers this state or a condition as treatable through multiple  Ayurveda therapies and medicines like prescribed above without any medical process, injections and other risk developing factors. It gives you relief from the pain and controls the tendency of other alleviating pains. A Tennis Elbow is left untreated it creates complications(permanent numbness of the area, infection, fracture,  and scarring) To know more in detail about the treatment visit Chitrakoota Ayurveda, Aloor, Kundapur, Udupi District, Karnataka, India. The place that provides quality health services. They adapt traditional healing methods, medicines prepared at their own pharmacy in a classical way along with the provision of diet explained in Ayurveda to cure various health problems. People rejuvenate themselves at Chitrakoota, it is irresistible when you get in touch with relaxation and rejuvenation in an Ayurvedic way, along with a fitful serving of delicious organic food and a lot more. 

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