The liver is one of the most important organs in the body. The liver helps in breaking down of old cells or damaged blood cells inside the human body. It plays an important role in processing the metabolism inside the human body, as it has several functions in producing or manufacturing enzymes in the body. The liver is an important organ for a human body, as it produces proteins inside the body which help in the clotting of blood. The liver also helps in breaking down fat and produces energy. It has the ability to get cured of diseases and get repaired for proper functioning by itself.

Chronic diseases are the ones which last for long-life and have minimum possible chances to get cured. The liver can also get attacked by some of the chronic diseases such as liver cirrhosis etc. Liver cirrhosis is a type of disease which can last for whole life and attack the liver tissues from functioning. This disease is mainly caused due to the damage of liver tissues or when a proper liver tissue gets replaced by damaged tissue. Liver cirrhosis is mainly caused due to the damage of liver tissues, which is mainly occurred by hepatitis and alcohol abuse. When the human body gets over addicted to the alcohol, there will be a situation inside the body that the liver cannot be able to produce the required enzymes for digestion inside the stomach (mainly bile juice), and further fails to function properly. This is a chronic disease which has the least possibility of getting cured and so the effect of this disease can be reduced by some of the useful treatment for the liver.

Treatments for liver cirrhosis include a low sodium diet and medication inside the human body to reduce the damaged content, Therapeutic endoscopy may also help in getting rid of hepatic cirrhosis, Transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt is also one of the efficient treatments for treating cirrhosis of liver, several antibiotics, and antiviral drugs may help in curing of this disease but in case of worse situation the patient has to undergo a transplantation of liver.

Ayurveda in the modern day has the most efficient and effective treatment measures for various diseases. In Ayurveda, Liver Cirrhosis or hepatic Cirrhosis can be cured by different kind of herbs that have bioactive molecules present in them. These herbs help to maintain and secure relief to the liver tissues, thereby ensuring a proper way of functioning. These bioactive molecules inside the herbs help the liver from antioxidant stress and convert the matter which is said to be unwanted to all cells and enhance the functioning slowly. The herbs also help in viral elimination process and block fibrogenesis inside the liver. This treatment involves certain effective processes like generating new liver cells and replacing them with the old or damaged cells, liver’s immunity is increased in a fair process so it can lead to a situation to tackle the irregularities coming inside it with its properties.

Chithrakoota Ayurveda is a place which is very well known for the treatment of Liver Cirrhosis. In Chithrakoota, Liver cirrhosis is treated in the best way possible as the cost measures are also taken into consideration while treating the disease. Chithrakoota Ayurveda, kundapur, provides treatment very effective regarding the cost for curing liver cirrhosis and also ensures that their patients are undertaking efficient treatments by ensuring them a better understanding of the measures that are to be taking care in future.

Some of the herbs which help in curing liver cirrhosis are:

Punarnava: It helps in the treatment of liver cirrhosis very effectively as it includes astringent, anti-inflammatory and carminative properties. This herb also plays a vital role in increasing blood flow. Punarnava has properties which help in increasing of blood cells inside the body. This herb is also useful in breaking down of fibrin, a blood clotting protein.

Arjuna: Arjuna herb acts as a remedial for the heart as it protects the cardiac muscle from improper functioning. Heart diseases like myocardial infarction and ischemia are being treated with the help of Arjuna herb.

Dalchini: This herb when used regularly, controls breathlessness and strengthens heart muscles, improves the functioning of the vascular system and acts as a natural oxidant. This herb helps in controlling nausea and vomitings. Dalchini is also known for its use in treating diarrhoea. Diseases like gonorrhoea, paralysis, asthma can also be cured with the help of Dalchini herb.

Bhumi Amla: It is a very effective herb in the treatment of hepatitis B and other hepatitis. This herb has been used in traditional medicine for kidney and liver failure. Bhumi amla efficiently can remove jaundice and also helps in the regeneration of cells and further rectifies the liver failure.

Echinacea: This herb has great control over the immune system inside the body. It has anti-inflammatory properties. This herb has properties which help in boosting the immune system and helps in the treatment of hepatitis effectively.

Treatments of liver cirrhosis in Ayurveda include:

Arogyavardhini is an effective treatment for liver cirrhosis in Ayurveda Its a compound of kabuki and call that protects the patient from other effects of cirrhosis. Arogyavardhini works by reviving the dead cells in the body.

Vasaka in Ayurveda is used in the treatment of liver cirrhosis efficiently as it has the valuable properties of regenerating the number of blood cells and thereby improving the functioning of digestive organs inside the body.

Chithrakoota Ayurveda Remedies are known for their valuable results for curing certain diseases, are very effective as they involve prominent herbs in present-day Ayurveda. Treating diseases like Liver Cirrhosis Chithrakoota Ayurveda ensures that it provides a way for their patients to lead a better life and ensure them to be successful in counter-attacking dangerous diseases. Nausea and vomiting are being happened very often in case of liver cirrhosis. Patients abdominal girth can be reduced upon productive treatment measures for Liver cirrhosis can also be caused in the advanced stages of jaundice and ascites. Ayurveda has got very predominant techniques in treating jaundice and also ascites when compared to other medical fields. Known for its nature of hospitality, Chithrakoota Ayurveda, India, is maintaining and continuing its dominance over other Ayurvedic medical health care centers in Karnataka.

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