A calcaneal spur is also called Heel spur is due to the outgrowth of the bone in the heel located back of the heel, beneath or under the heel, may happen individually or may be correlated to an underlying health condition. When met with steady pressure, calcium deposits under the heel bone cause heel spur associated with plantar fasciitis, a painful inflammation of the fibrous band of connective tissue that runs along the bottom of the foot and connects the heel bone to the ball of the foot. Normally there is always a confusion between heel spur and plantar fasciitis, they are distinct. Both have the same chronic pain but plantar fasciitis is regularly caused by damage to the plantar fascia ligament. Heel spurs develop as a result of plantar fasciitis. When the plantar fascia is damaged your body creates heel-spurs to support the damaged fascia. Generally seen in athletes whose activities include movements( running, jumping, jogging, etc). A great percentage of people suffer from this disease, this is most often seen in the patients over the age of 35 years, surveys tell that women are the common sufferer. Can be self-treated initially but if it continues even after several months then therapy is a must. In the worse scenario surgery is the only cure (for the removal of a spur). In a few exceptional cases, it fades on its own. 
Preventive and self-care measures
  • Cold compression
  • Applying apple cider vinegar and flax seed
  • Chlorinated water
  • Saltwater Immersion
  • Usage of essential oils Reasons that cause Heel spur
  • Excess weight gain and obesity.
  • Running and jogging on the hard surfaces.
  • Spending most of the day on one’s feet.
  • Frequent short bursts of physical activity.
  • Diabetes and Increasing age.
  • Lack of sleep and mental stress
  • Pain in the heels, a major factor for Heel Spur. 
  • Irregularity of the skin, nerves, bones, issues of the heel results in pain(because of the daily activities). Occurs gradually over a certain period of days.
  • Heat radiating from the affected area
  • Inflammation and swelling at the front of the heel Some people may experience no symptoms at all.
These people may only discover they have heel spurs through an X-ray. 
Prevention is better than cure
  • Wearing well-fitting shoes.
  • Exercise
  • Reducing weight
  • Rest
  • Medication
  • Diet ( include garlic, Ashwagandha, Tamarind Leaves, Dry Ginger)
  • Strapping or taping
  • Use socks at night time and keep the feet warm.
Treatment An excellent method to remove it from the roots is through Ayurveda treatment because it believes in treating the body as a whole instead of repairing just the symptoms of a particular part. Ayurveda describes this condition as vatakandaka, a state built because of kapha-vata vitiation.
Ayurveda adopts methods like the following to heal Heel spur Tablets or gulika:
  1. Chandraprabha gulika
  2. yoga raja gulgulu
  3. rasnadi gulgulu
  4. kaisora gulgulu,etc
  5. Lepam with:
  6. Dasanga lepam.
  7. karutha vattu in egg white yolk.,etc
Taila for External and internal use:
  1. Chinchadi taila
  2. kottamchukkadi taila
  3. pinda taila
  4. Dhanwantaram tailam- Abyangam, etc
Ayurveda clearly considered this condition as treatable through various Ayurveda therapies and medicines like mentioned above without any surgery, injections and other risk factors. It provides relief from the pain and controls the tendency to develop spurs. A Heel spur is left untreated it creates complications(permanent numbness of the area, infection, fracture, foot cramps, and scarring) To know more in detail about the treatment visit Chitrakoota Ayurveda, Aloor, Kundapur, Udupi District, Karnataka, India. The place that provides quality health services. They adapt traditional healing methods, medicines prepared at their own pharmacy in a classical way along with the provision of diet explained in Ayurveda to cure various health problems. People refresh themselves at Chitrakoota, it is inevitable when you get in touch with relaxation and rejuvenation in an Ayurvedic way, along with a seasonal serving of delicious organic food and a lot more

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